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Biwako Valley Ski Resort


Our first snow experience in Japan! It’s winter time in Japan during early of the year. Located in Shiga Prefecture, about 1 hr away from Kyoto, the 
Biwako Valley Ski Resort offers a great place to have fun in the snow (there are skiing & snowboarding as well), which is also suitable for a wonderful family outing! Besides sliding down the snow hill, Sue finally build a snowman with the help of Puri! (took us about 1 hour+ to build haha!).

Watch our video here!

Biwako Valley Day Trip Package (Non-Skiing Package)

– Where we got our package: Kansai Airport for a total of ¥17,000 for two person (¥8,500 per pax including tax) 

– The package includes:
1. Return bus ride (The view is amazing!)
2. Return Ropeway (Video at:
0:17, also 1:25 until 1:30)
3. Snowland Entry (Video at
0:37 until 1:20)
4. Lunch Meal (Video at
1:21) Waterproof Clothings Rental (Video at: 4:42) For more information and prices, you can check out this website at

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