Cameron Highlands A Complete Guide

Cameron Highlands | Pahang, Malaysia

Things you need to know before visiting Cameron Highlands.

Cameron Highlands is Malaysia’s largest hill-station located about 200km north of Kuala Lumpur. It is well known for its cool temperatures, breathtaking views of the tea plantations, strawberry picking and fresh produce from the local farms.

This post includes:
– Attractions in Cameron Highlands
– How to get to Cameron Highlands
– Where to stay in Cameron Highlands
– Travel tips

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➡️ Cameron Highlands Pasar Malam | Golden Hills Weekend Night Market

➡️ Attractions

Here is a list of Things to do in Cameron Highlands: 
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  1. BOH Sungai Palas Tea Centre
  2. Cameron Lavender Garden, Tringkap
  3. Mossy Forest
  4. The Sheep Sanctuary
  5. Golden Hills Night Market (Pasar Malam Golden Hills)
  6. Big Red Strawberry Farm or Healthy Strawberry Farm
  7. Kea Farm Morning Market
  8. Cameron Highlands Butterfly Farm
  9. Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm

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➡️ How to Get There

So, how do we get to Cameron Highlands from Kuala Lumpur? The only access to the highlands is by road. It takes roughly about 3.5 – 4 hours drive from KL. There are basically 3 ways of getting there; (a) by bus, (b) booking a tour or (c) driving yourself.

(a) Taking a Bus
– From TBS, (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) in Kuala Lumpur to Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands.
– One-way tickets cost about RM 35
– If you book online through the RedBus website (, there’s even an option to pick your seats and insurance coverage. (We’re not sponsored but Redbus is the one that we frequently use for our travels)

(b) Booking a tour
– Hassle-free
– Most tour packages include transportation, a full-day itinerary, and an English-speaking tour guide. You can also approach your hotels and tourist information centers for more information.

(c) Driving
– There are 2 main routes to get there from the North-South Expressway.
– Option 1: by taking the Tapah Exit 132/Route 59. It is a shorter route hence faster but the road is very windy and narrow.
– Option 2: by taking the Simpang Pulai Exit 137/Route 185 (which is the route that we took). It is a slightly longer route, but the road is much straighter and more comfortable to drive on. Highly recommend especially if you have motion sickness. (30 minutes longer)

➡️ Where to Stay

There are 2 main areas in Cameron Highlands that the majority of the hotels are located; Tanah Rata and Brinchang.

Tanah Rata

Main administrative town, there are many shops, banks, tour agents, eateries and a bus terminal, which is where the buses from KL would stop. It is more commercialized here compared to Brinchang.

Second largest town after Tanah Rata. You’ll find the main center of Brinchang more densely developed compared to Tanah Rata with many apartments, shophouses and public buildings clustered closely together. There’s also the other side of Brinchang that’s closer to farms, tourist attractions, and nature.

Overall, there is a wide range of accommodations available in Cameron Highlands; you can find anything from budget homestays to mid-range and luxury hotels with a golf course attached to it. Some places even offer unique experiences like colonial-era bungalows, mini chalets, and a farm stay.

During this trip, we stayed at Century Pines Resort in Tanah Rata.

➡️ Travel Tips

#1 The Weather/Seasons
– Cameron Highlands is generally very windy and cold especially morning and night. We do suggest bringing along a jacket. 
– Though it may be cold, it can get sunny at noon, so do apply sunscreen!

#2 Traffic Jams & Peak Periods
– Don’t be surprised that it can get crowded in Cameron Highlands and traffic jams are very common especially during weekends, school holidays and festive seasons.

#3 Stay Duration
– A day trip would be enough to cover the main attractions, whereas at least staying a night or two is preferred for a more relaxed trip.

➡️ Location

Cameron Highlands

Address: Tanah Tinggi Cameron, Pahang, Malaysia
Google Maps:

Sheeps are so cute here in The Sheep Sanctuary!
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