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Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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Delicious Thai cuisine in a cozy environment.

What We’ve Ordered


Thai Green Curry Chicken – RM18.90

Puri and I ordered two mains. The first was the Thai Green Curry Chicken. It has all the basic ingredients should have in a Thai Green Curry. It has a good balance of green earthy flavour and coconut milk. The consistency was rich and creamy, but not overly thick which is perfect. It was delicious and flavourful!

Absolute Thai Review Thai Green Curry
Absolute Thai Review Ambience

Seafood Tom yum (red base) – RM17.90

The other dish was the Hot and Spicy Tom Yam soup (Seafood). There’s a choice of clear base and red base, we’ve went ahead with the latter. For a small portion, it has a good amount of seafood in it – fish, prawn and squid which come in pairs, which was perfect for 2 person sharing. It has a nice balance of sweet, sour and spicy. Love it!

Absolute Thai Review Tom Yum

Red Ruby Waterchesnuts in Coconut Milk topped with Jackfruits – RM9.50

We’ve always loved our Thai dessert, so we’ve got ourselves the Red Ruby a.k.a. Tub Tim Grob. It was so refreshing! They were generous with the red rubies and jackfruits. For the red rubies, it has a sufficient amount of tapoica starch to cover the waterchestnut while not overly startchy as well, which was perfect. A good ratio of coconut milk and shaved ice with a perfect sweetness level to our liking.

Absolute Thai Review Tub Tim Grow Red Ruby

Mango with Sticky Rice – RM14.50

Another dessert we ordered was the Mango Sticky Rice. We would prefer if the sticky glutinous rice was slightly softer, but it was alright, not too bad. The yellow mung beans were crispy but slightly hard as well. It came with separate coconut cream to add to your dessert. The mango was perfectly ripe and sweet. Overall flavor-wise it was good.

Absolute Thai Review Mango Sticky Rice
Absolute Thai Review Mango Sticky Rice



Overall, we enjoyed all the dishes we’ve ordered and have a good dining experience at Absolute Thai. The ambiance was nice and relaxing. The service was decent, no complaints. For the portion, it seem smaller than expected when served, but in the end it definitely satisfied our bellies!


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