12 Things to do in Langkawi

(4D3N Itinerary)

Langkawi | Kedah

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A Tropical Paradise in the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Langkawi is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Malaysia. In this list, we’re sharing the things to do in Langkawi in 4 days 3 nights, which we have never known before!

Langkawi 4 Days 3 Nights Itinerary Guide

(12 Things to Do in Langkawi)

Langkawi Day 1

Langkawi International Airport AirAsia

Once we’ve landed at Langkawi International Airport, we went ahead to collect our rented car, a Perodua Axia, which we’ve booked through Qeeq.com beforehand. The collection was simple, fast, and easy; the car was ready right at the airport entrance.

Price: Car Rental for 4 days  – RM 403.06 / USD 96.25
(We’ve booked from https://www.qeeq.com/)

Langkawi Car Rental
Collect Our Car Rental at Langkawi International Airport once we've landed.

1. Langkawi SkyBridge

Langkawi Skybridge Review

The first thing we did was to visit the Langkawi Skybridge. The Langkawi Skybridge is one of the most popular tourist spots on the island. From the top, you get an amazing bird’s eye view of Langkawi Island. It is a great place for a family outing, bringing your kids, or even for a date.

Taking the Langkawi Skycab
Going up to the Langkawi Skybridge via the Skycab

Driving to the Skybridge takes about 20 minutes from the Airport. A paid parking area is available. Do take note there is the premium parking and a normal parking area, the prices vary.

To reach the iconic Langkawi Skybridge, we had to walk through the Oriental Village which has lots of other attractions such as the 3D art museum, a 6D ride, a T-rex adventure ride, and even a petting zoo.

From there, we took the Langkawi Skycab Cable Car (RM 40 + RM50 Express Lane top-up), plus a little hike up the Nature Trail (ticket fee of RM6) before reaching the Langkawi Skybridge.

Langkawi Skycab Express LaneLangkawi Skycab Express Lane Ticket Price
We topped up RM50 each person for the SkyCab Express Lane tickets.

Ticket & Prices:

– Sky Cab tickets (Langkawi Skycab Cable Car/Standard Gondola Ticket)
RM 82 / USD 19.58 – Adult (RM40 for locals)
RM 64 / USD 15.28 – Child (RM32 for locals)
We’ve booked our tickets through Klook because it was cheaper. (Affiliate Link)

– Express Lane Tickets (Add-On)
RM 50 / USD 11.94
*Would be cheaper if we book through Klook. We didn’t expect the long queue.

– Sky Bridge Tickets (Add On) / Sky bridge + Nature Trail
RM 6 / USD 1.43 – Adult
RM 4 / USD 0.96 – Child
Booked through Klook as well. (Affiliate Link)

Check out Klook for amazing deals below!


(Note that the links above are Affiliate Links)
Langkawi Skycab
Langkawi SkyCab Signage
Taking the Langkawi Skycab - First Stop
View of the SkyCab and Langkawi Island
Langkawi Skybridge Review
Such an amazing view from the SkyBridge

2. Seven Wells Waterfall (Telaga Tujuh)

Another thing to do in Langkawi is to visit the Seven Wells Waterfall, also known as Telaga Tujuh. The Seven Wells Waterfall is about 5 minutes drive from the Langkawi SkyBridge. You can climb the stairs up to the waterfall area, but we’re here NOT to hike, we’re here to relax! So we’ve only hiked to the base of the waterfall which takes about 5-10 minutes of walk, where you could also relax enjoy the waterfall area.

Price: Free Entrance

3. Dining next to the Paddy Field (at Kerisik Restaurant a.k.a. Seashells Restaurant)

We headed for lunch at Kerisik Restaurant, which highlight is to dine among the Paddy Field. Food was okay not the best, but the experience of dining next to the paddy field was what we came for. We didn’t manage to get a slot at the hut (first come first serve basis), but we really enjoyed the view and the ambiance nevertheless!


Total Bill for 2 Pax: RM 67.1 / USD 16.02

4. Visit Langkawi Night Market at Kuah Town

After checking in at Bayview Hotel and enjoying the sunset from our room, we visit the Langkawi Night Market (Pekan Kuah Night Market) nearby where we stayed at Kuah Town. Lots of food were sold at the night market, it was bigger and livelier than we imagined!

5. Dine at Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant

We headed to dinner at Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant. The setting was very relaxing, the food was good and the price was fairly reasonable. We’ve ordered 3 dishes, 2 bowls of rice and 2 cans of beer.

Total Bill for 2 pax: RM 139.70 / USD 33.36 

Langkawi Day 2

6. Langkawi Island Hopping Tour

We’ve booked the Langkawi Island Hopping Tour through Klook. It was a shared tour, with about 15 people on the boat. The tour was about 4 hours from 9am to 1pm. The tour brings us to visit Langkawi’s famous lake called Pulau Dayang Bunting ( Lake of the Pregnant Maiden) where we went kayaking. Then we stopped at Pulau Singa Besar for eagle watching from the boat. Lastly, it brought us to Pulau Beras Basah (Wet Rice Island) where we relax on the white sandy beach and enjoy the crystal clear water.

Ticket & Prices:

Langkawi Island Hopping (Shared Speedboat Tour): 
RM 40 / USD 9.55 – Adult
RM 30 / USD 7.16 – Child
*Booked Through Klook (Affiliate Link)

– Tasik Dayang Bunting Entrance Fee
RM 6 / USD 1.43 – Adult (RM3 for locals)
RM 3 / USD 0.72 – Child (RM1 for locals)

– 1x (Single) Pedal Kayak Rental + 2x Life Jacket (at Task Dayang Bunting)
Total paid: RM 30 / USD 7.16

7. Langkawi Sunset Cruise

One of our biggest highlights during our Langkawi trip is the Sunset Cruise! It was an unforgettable experience. We’ve booked the cruise through Shopee, we chose the Manta Blu Cruises.

As the cruise sails along the sea in Langkawi, we get to see the Eagle Square (for photo), had unlimited beers/drinks/wine while enjoying at the deck, enjoy the saltwater “Jacuzzi”, had buffet dinner on board, and watch the sunset at the horizon before heading back to the island.

The whole cruise experience took about 4 hours from 4pm to 8pm. 

Ticket & Prices:

Manta Blu Cruises
RM 280 / USD 66.87 – Adult
RM 140 / USD 33.43 – Child (Aged 3-11)
*We’ve booked through Shopee from a Tour company: https://bit.ly/3RpLikL 

8. Visit Pantai Cenang

After the sunset cruise, we’ve decided to visit Pantai Cenang which is about 30 minutes drive from Kuah.

At Pantai Cenang, you get to experience the nightlife of Langkawi. The beach area was crowded and really lively. There are pop-up street markets, dining spots, loud music, and even fire shows.

We’ve stopped by for some snacks and a coconut drink at one of the cafes along the beach.

Langkawi Day 3

9. Visiting Eagle Square (Dataran Lang)

The next morning, we went to Eagle Square. When visiting Langkawi, you should stop by Langkawi’s iconic Eagle Square for a photo session with its Majestic Langkawi icon – the brown eagle!

10. Tanjung Rhu Mangrove Tour

We then head drive to Tanjung Rhu which takes about 30 minutes from Kuah town and arrive at the Tanjung Rhu jetty.

The Tanjung Rhu Mangrove tour was an incredible National Geographic-like experience! We cruised through the Mangrove Forest, watch the eagle feeding session, went through the Crocodile cave (no crocodiles involved, thankfully), take a tour at the bat cave, have a glimpse of the Andaman Sea, and complete the tour by having lunch at the floating restaurant.

Ticket & Prices:

Tanjung Rhu Mangrove Tour: Private Boat for 2-4 pax + Lunch
Total Paid: RM 330 / USD 78.81
*We booked our tour through Klook, however the price and package has changed since 🙁 
You may book through https://kilimgeoforestpark.com/ or from Shopee (https://bit.ly/3auZEQ8)
*For Shopee, we’ve booked our Sunset Dinner Cruise via this travel agent.

11. Enjoy the beach at Tanjung Rhu and staying at Tanjung Rhu Resort

After the Mangrove tour, we checked in at Tanjung Rhu Resort that we’ve booked directly from their official website. We’ve stayed at the Bayu Senja Suite. The private beach at Tanjung Rhu was breathtaking. We book a double kayak from the resort during the evening and enjoyed the sunset as we glide through the waters. We had dinner at the Scarborough Fish and Chips 15 minutes drive away from the resort, but we do wish we stay in the resort instead because the night was beautiful for a romantic dinner at the resort’s restaurant.


Ticket & Prices:

Tanjung Rhu Resort
 See below on where we stayed section

Double Kayak Rental
RM 40 / USD 9.55

– Scarborough Fish & Chips
Total Bill for 2 pax: RM 163.9 / USD 39.14 (though we actually ordered 3 pax worth of food!)

Langkawi Day 4

12. Lunch at Nasi Dagang Pak Malau

On our last day in Langkawi before heading to the airport, we managed to stop by at Nasi Dagang Pak Malau for lunch. This is another dining experience next to the paddy field (a real paddy field). This round, we’re here for the food! The Nasi Dagang was superb! Highly recommend this place if you’re looking for good local dishes.


Nasi Dagang Pak Malau
Total Bill for 2 pax: RM 36 / USD 8.60

Where We Stayed in Langkawi

1. Bayview Hotel
Room Type: Premier King Room with Sea View
Total Paid: RM 210 / USD 50.15 for 2 nights
Booked through Booking.com

2. Tanjung Rhu Resort
Room Type: Bayu Senja Suite
Total Paid: RM 480 / USD 114.63 for 1 night
Booked directly through the official website.

*Do note that all the prices above were the price we’ve paid for and booked during a promotion on covid times. Please check the website and booking agents for the latest price.


How much We’ve Spent in Langkawi

In total for 4D3N, we’ve paid a total of RM3,208.52 for our entire 4 days 3 nights Langkawi Trip for both of us. This includes our flight tickets, grab to KLIA/KLIA2, a budget hotel for two nights, a night stay at a 5-star resort, car rental, attractions, tours, even a sunset cruise, and food. That’s RM1,604.26 per pax!

Let us break it down for you:

  • Plane Ticket: AirAsia from KLIA2 to Langkawi, (one way) – RM204.57
  • Plane Ticket: MAS from Langkawi to KLIA (one way) – RM159.68
  • GrabCar for Airport Transfers from/to KLIA & KLIA2 – RM130.00
  • Bayview Hotel (2 Nights) – RM210.00
  • Tanjung Rhu Hotel – RM480.00
  • Hotel Tourism Fee in Tanjung Rhu Resort – RM5.00
  • Car rental: Perodua Axia – RM403.06
  • Petrol – RM25.00
  • Langkawi Sky Bridge and Skycab RM92.00
  • Langkawi Sky Bridge Express Lane – RM100.00
  • Langkawi Island Hopping Tour – RM70.00
  • Island Hopping Fee at Tasik Dayang Bunting – RM6
  • Tasik Dayang Bunting activities – x1 Single Pedal Kayak + x2 Life Jacket – RM30
  • Manta Blu Cruises (Sunset Cruise) – RM440.00
  • Parking at Pantai Cenang – RM3.00
  • Tanjung Rhu Mangrove Tour – RM281.51
  • Kayaking at Tanjung Rhu Resort – RM40.00
  • Total Food Spent – RM541.00

*Prices may differ as we’ve booked during Promotion for flight tickets, hotels, and using our credits in Klook & Grab.

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