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Have a bite of their Super Crispy Fried Chicken!

Finally, we’ve decided to check out the famous Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock’s Nasi Lemak. Puri and I went on a Friday noon to the branch in Oasis. Though the restaurant was quite packed due to the office lunch crowd, our orders were served fairly quickly. 

What We’ve Ordered


Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng – RM13.90

Both Puri and I ordered the Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng. The presentation of the Nasi Lemak looks good, I like how there is a little banana leaf at the bottom to add some fragrance to the dish. 

The fried chicken is definitely the highlight of the entire dish – SUPER CRISPY chicken skin, well marinated with lemongrass, nicely seasoned, it was THE BOMB! 

The coconut rice is decent, it has slight coconut milk in there, not too much. There was also a sufficient amount of peanuts and ikan bilis, and comes with half a hard boiled egg. 

Sambal was more towards the onion-y side, wasn’t spicy at all so there was totally no kick for me. I do prefer Sambal that has more chili-based.

Overall, it was a good experience, the staffs were friendly, and the environment was nice with old-school vibes. Definitely worth trying though it is not our favorite Nasi Lemak, mainly due to the Sambal, which in our opinion is one of the basic key elements in a good Nasi Lemak. 

Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock Kopitiam @ Oasis Sq

Address: Oasis Square, Lot B-G-01, 2, Jalan PJU 1A/7, Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Open Hours: Daily from 8am to 5pm. 
Phone Number: 03-7832 3138

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